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2001-05-05 19:21:03 (UTC)


I have always been afriad. It is of nothing major, just
the little things, especailly humans. I dont have any
disorder, that is no the problem, I am simply afraid because
it sometimes seem like I know to much. Recently, I have
liked this guy. Heliked me too. People say taht he still
does, but I can tell that he does not. It is horrid,
especially since it is unconirmed except by my friend. I am
going to ask his best friend, but I dread the answer. I am
even pretty sure I know who he likes. This is even worse.
Sometimes I wonder if it would better just to be stupid then
Many other times my fears have been true. I can
usually figure out what people think of others if I watch
them carefully. I will tell my friends who they like before
they admit it to me finally. I do not know what I shall say
if my fears are confirmed. There is nothing which can be
done, but deny that I still like the guy. I do not want to
do that, but it is the only option, showing major emotions
is definatly a sign of weekness, and taht is the last thing
I can be.