Blue Castle reverie

My Saga
2002-02-28 21:25:42 (UTC)


Everything was just fine, and then it had to go and get
cold.... brrr... grrr... I like the cold, but I do not like
being cold... it's a fine line, but one that I stand very
adamantly by.

5 more days of Phoenix... "I think I can, I think I
can....", even though I'm going to have to leave our
Science Team celebration early to go to take finals.

At school today I ran into Stephanie (Elf Stephanie, not
narcissistic Stephanie) in the bathroom, and we were
talking, and she was facing the door, and I was facing
towards her away from the door, and I saw someone walk in
out of the corner of my eye in the mirror, and then walk
back out, and a cooupla seconds later Stephanie starts
laughing, and was like "That was so funny". Apparently it
was Madeline, whom Stephanie reffered to as "the new
girlfriend", and apparently she hates me. Which I had no
idea about, and I have no idea why. Which kind of bothers
me, but Stephanie thinks she's an evil bitch.

Pegasus today after school. I was supposed to go and work
on our project with Elana and Rachel, but neither of them
was in school today, and nobody ever told me how to get to
Elana's house, much less how I was supposed to get there
without a car, so it's not my fault. We were typing stuff
in Pegasus, and we finished, so now it's on to layout.
There's a bunch of my stuff on one of the disks, which made
me really happy!