Mysterious Attitude
2001-05-05 18:42:15 (UTC)

Saturday May 5, 2001

1:17 pm

~~~Last Night at like 9:00pm~~~~

I saw John online and I Imed him.... we talked for a long
time.. he is such a sweetie and I already like him!!!! I
had Kelly send me his pic.. and he is soooo cute... I even
printed it out.. So I would have him by my side while I
sleep... hehe He saw my pic also... and he likes it I guess
cuz he keeps callin me sexy and all this... hehe I'm soo
happy.... I don't see how sumone as wonderful as him is
single... he told me that his last gurlfriend only used him
for sex and had another boyfriend when she was going with
him :( And I told him how Bobby treated me... so we have
sumthing in common... I have never been so happy since
before Bobby did me wrong.... I think I found my Romeo...
damn why does he have to live in Cail?¿ But is ok.. I may
still be able to meet him.... cuz I should be going on a
trip there... So wish me luck... lol... I really wanna be
with him... and if I have any chance to do that... which I
think I do.. I'm going to go 4 it!!!


Whatcha know I'm actually up before 2 pm lol... all last
night I couldn't quit thinking bout John I was playing this
cd of Freestyle love songs and looking at this picture...
and when I got online to read my mail today he left me an
email... which was a card which saying that I'm the sexiest
gurl ever...that he likes me a lot and he wishes that maybe
one day we'll met cuz he would love to see my sweet face
and also hold me in his arms so he could cuddle with me
(which I wouldn't mind hehe)... I tell U.. it made my
day.. :) :) I almost cried.... ::sniff:: he is soo sweet..
and I'm so glad that I had the chance to met him!! I really
truly do like him soo much...and since I have talked to
him.. I can actually realize that there is a man out there
that wouldn't try to hurt me or break my heart like so many
have done before... and if I ever did get the chance to met
John or maybe even move to Cail.... and be with him.. I
would never hurt him.. and I do mean never... I would
rather die then to hurt him in anyway..well I guess that is
bout all for right now... So I will go and listen to these
love songs and think bout John... and I hope I'll talk to
him later... bye bye 4 now