Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-02-28 20:25:53 (UTC)


I feel sooooo pukey!!

Too much chocolate cake. I don't usually eat chocolate
cake, but this is NICE chocolate, just a bit TOO nice.

Hmm...great fucking news!!! From now on, Certificates will
not be given out in assembly, but in PD. Woodiddlydoo. But
I guess somehow the certificate *I* need to get will be
the ONLY one to be given out in assembly.

Today was bd. We had a firedrill, WHEN IT WAS SNOWING!!!
Everyone was soaking and, icky and it was so horrible.
About 15 minutes after the snow stopped thought, it all
went. All of it. Today was a strage day for sure. My dad
seems to like the CD Igot him-I think.

So much homework to do, and so little time.