I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-02-28 20:03:24 (UTC)


My thanks to those of you who have written their
sympathies. It means a lot. It's beautiful here today. Cold
by Florida standards. The high is about 56. Speaking of
love, one of my best friends told me that he loved me. Oh,
how my heart ached. I wish that I had a switch, a love
button that can be turned on when you want to be in love
with someone. To make your heart be in love when it
wouldn't otherwise be. But that is wishfull thinking.

On the upshot, I have a training class tomorrow for a job.
I could really use the money. I'd work evenings and have
Fridays and Saturdays off. We'll see. Here's to hoping. I'd
also like to thank my doctor for giving me the prescription
that I needed and now I am very relieved. I am very
thankful that something irreversible hasn't happened. Thank
you to her. I could be more in depth about it, but I really
don't think that anyone really wants the medical details.
Anywhoo, I have a headache and am cold, and a cup of tea
sounds just perfect right about now.

In a good mood at last, but still healing,


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