Why Me ?
2002-02-28 19:59:42 (UTC)


i think sam really hates me now, she wrote this entry in
her diary after we got into a fight:

Hehehe.. I'm young. I'm 15, and he is 17. Kyle is 15 too.
Well, Austin doesn't believe me still, so I'm just going to
give up. I'm sick of trying to tell him the truth that he
just doesn't believe, I guess I'm just going to start
telling him lies he will believe or something. I mean, I
completely understand why he would hate me, but I'm sick of
him telling me he believes me and then reading an email
just a few minutes ago saying that what I wrote to you was
a lie. I've been sending him the emails and my responses,
but this time I'm not even goin to bother. Oh well.. I'll
just find some way to forget about him and get stronger
with Kyle I guess, at least Kyle believes me.. Anyways, if
you want to know a little more about me, I have a (REALLY
STUPID!!!!!!!!!) website that you can go to. It REALLY
sucks, so it's entirely up to you if you wanna go. Just
tell me and I'll send you the link to it.. See ya!

what do you guys think? i am heartbroken, sometimes i wish
i could be kyle. i wish that she would like me again, i
really hope what she wrote is not true, if it is, i think i
will die. i love her so much and she doesnt understand.


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