punker waiting for godot
2002-02-28 19:50:40 (UTC)

beautiful day in the neighborhood

can our winter weather get any more perfect. it's not even
cold at night. i rode my motorcycle last night an hour to
my moms and an hour back at 8pm. without gloves and my
leathers open. not even a chill on the whole ride. now
this morning like the past week it's been full sun and heat
at seven am and all day. talk about being spioled. now
that i don't snowboard no more, i'll never see the snow.
well the band will get suckered into play those halfpipe
contest concerts up there. but those are kinda fun(if you
don't freeze your fingers off).

seems like now that i got glasses some people treat me
different. i can't put my finger on it, but they do. and
when i meet new people, espeicial the silverlake crowd,
they are more resopnsive. kinda creepy, that some thing as
silly as thick black frames on yer face can make a
difference like that. rehersal last night was like i was
the teacher in a kindegarner class. attention span of
about 20 seconds and impossible to get motivated. i think
beer and girlfriends are gonna be outlawed at rehersdals
for that band from now on. in two hours we got thru the
hour set only once!!

i got two rehersal tonight with "go long" and "rebuilt
V8". back to back. at least they are at the same studio.
that worked out well for me. i jammed with some guy who
was in "motorcycle boy/atomic punks" yesterday afternoon
and he wants me to go with his band to europe this summer.
i said maybe cause europe in the summer is the best time to
be there. i would rather do an american tour, but we'll
see. by summer time i'll be iching to go some where, even
europe. you know they love us yanks over there.

i'm eating leftovers for breakfest again, bad habit.
seems like alot of people are still sick with some cold/flu
thing. i never seem to get sick. yeah me!! go team go

i was reading some of the other journals last night. and
i'm not doing nearly enough whining and crying about my
life and lack of , or loss of a girl. o.k. so herar goes:
whaaaaa whaaaaa i'm sooo lonely. whaaaaa i just what
some one to hold me whaaaaa it's not fair! whaaaaa if
only my life where different. whaaaaaa sniff sniff
whaaaaa. is that better?

maybe now some girl will write me and end this being
alone. whaaaa.

i hope this episode has been all you have hoped for. tune
in next time when you might read about what some girl wrote
to me about.

until then