The words of Blue River...
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2002-02-28 19:18:36 (UTC)

Last Night

Last night I hurried to get home after giving up in a
worthless game of 'Magic'. The reason I wanted to be home
was because I'm always home by 6pm on Wednesday nights so I
can see my boyfriend, Joe. Well, as soon as I got home, my
mom's new boyfriend, 'Rick' grabbed the phone and called my
mom at work. I didn't think they would be talking that
long, so I sat around waiting for Rick to get off the phone
so I could quickly call Joe to tell him I was home and that
he could come over, and so my friend Grace could call her
mom. Well, I got tired of waiting and asked Rick when I
could use the phone. He said 'I won't be that long' and I
waited about ten more minutes and asked him again and he
said 'Your mom said no.' So I talked to my mom and
convinced her to let me use the phone after she got a
little 'upset'. I was pretty upset myself seeing as she
gets to see her boyfriend every day. And I only see mine
2-3 days a week.

I called Joe's house, but it was busy, so I knew he was on
the internet. I then let Grace hurry and call her mom.
Then I went online and Joe was on. I said 'HEY!' And he
said, 'Well, I guess I should tell you, my mom just left.'
And I just sat there for a second. And then I typed ':(
I'm gonna go cry now.' And then I logged off because Rick
had to call my mom back. I ran into my bathroom and locked
the door and started crying. I punched the wall, and my
knuckles started bleeding a bit. I calmed down after
awhile and got Rick to get off the phone and I went back on
the internet. Joe wasn't online, so I just sat there for

Luckily, Joe convinced his friend, Adam, to give him a ride
to my house. Which if he hadn't done that, I probably
would have had a nervous breakdown. Because I'm not a
very happy person. And the only thing I have to look
forward to all week is being able to spend some time alone
with my boyfriend. I just hug him and let him hold me in
his arms when I'm sad and that keeps me going for the rest
of the week in school.

If it wasn't for Joe... I don't really know what I would do.

Me and my best friend, Grace, have been having some
problems lately. I hate someone she refers to as one of
her best friends, named Chris Johnston. He's just so
stupid now. He's smoked himself retarted. And you can't
even have a 'normal' conversation with him anymore. It's
like he's living his life from joint to joint. It's really
sad. But lately I've been really jumpy. I haven't been
having the best life at home. And I don't have much to
look forward to in life. But Grace doesn't understand that she gets
things that she really wants or needs. I have no money for
anything. I don't even get lunch money. So every day at lunch
during school I have to sit there and beg like all of my friends fora
quarter just so I can eat. I would pack myself a cold
lunch, but we don't even have any food in our house
anymore. My mom has decided that she's not going to go
shopping until we're done moving. Which might not be until
March 15th. And she already hasn't gone shopping for the
past 3 weeks. But I guess everything will be alright.
I've just been going through a lot of changes lately. I
haven't been getting enough sleep and I haven't been doing
very well in school either.

Oh well.

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