Meat Loafs
2002-02-28 18:44:22 (UTC)

Cartoons, food, and lack of a life.

I've been staying up way too late.

Right now, it's 130 pm, and I can't stop staring out the
window. It's almost like I've forgotten what the sun looks
like. The feel of it on my skin, the smell of the fresh

So what am I doing about it? I'm inside, sitting at my
computer, writing about my lack of a life rather than going
out and having one. (Let that be a lesson to some of you
kids out there.)

The TV is on, and i'm flipping back and forth between BUGS
AND DAFFY on the Cartoon Network and an AM GOLD infomercial
on Comcast. Huh, huh...Davy Jones got old.

"Ho, ha ha, guard, turn, parry, spin"--SMACK! I love Daffy
Duck. Poor little black duck never gets a fair shake.
Where along the line did he become an egomanical,
adversarial character? Back in the day, he was just a
lunatic. Those cartoons with him chasing around Speedy
Gonzales pretty much suck.

Nothing, however, compares to Popeye. The best are the
really old ones, where if you listen real close, he says
some of the most smart-assed things under his
breath. "Wow...Dat's a real nice dressk, Olives...mmm..too
bads ya ain'ts gots nothkin ta holds it ups withsk."

When I was a kid, I loved He-Man. (Not, that I was in love
with He-Man, mind you...What I ment...Err, what I want
to...Ah, forget it.) He was my hero. I had all the He-Man
toys. Him and G.I. Joe. Cool, cool stuff.

I want Pizza. Or maybe one of those groovy 1 pound
Fudrucker's burgers. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Anyway, my life is calling. I'm off to face it. Hope you
all do the same.

Out the door.


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