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2002-02-28 18:09:42 (UTC)

Big Deal!

yeah well ashley was like i feal sorry for the kids and i
am just like whatever.... Yeah we will get to see our dad
alot more and for ur information we are going to our old
school..... I know this is jumping off the subject a little
but im not stupid i know what their mom does and well i
think i will stop before i get mad... (they blame stuff on
my mom that she doesnt even do at least im not blind). Well
umm leah called last night and started screaming cuz i am
coming back and her cat had kittens and kath is mad cuz im
coming back but i dont give a crud and umm yeah thats it
Gatta Jet- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
And if ya dont like what i have to say then dont read my