Thoughts in the Confused
2001-05-05 18:09:06 (UTC)

cinco de mayo

well, it is the next dayh. i am tired and i am not sure
why. It might of been the beer from last night or i am not
sure but i do not know. I have the reminice of a fleeting

I was in a high school and we(a group of people) were
interviewing students, to do some thing but i csan not
remember what. Isn't that detalied. My dreams are like
that. I can not remember hardly anything.

After I came home last night, I got on line and found
someone to have phone sex with. I am sorry, I was horny and
that is what came to my mind. I do not want you to get the
wrong opionion about me. I am a kind, sensitive guy. I am
considerate of other peoples feelings, but it is not like I
am finding anything relationship wise to persue. One thing
is that I am scared to go out and find someone. I fear that
they are never goign to like me. And I know that is all in
me, but I take things so personally.

I wanted to let you know that I am being truthful in here.
I do not like lying. I just want to lay the truth out for
itself and there you have it. I know you are probably
thinking that I am a weirdo for having phone sex, and I do
feel that it might not of been the best answer, but i did
not got out and sleep with anyone either, not that i had
that choice at the time, but it would not of happend most
likely anyhow. My brain is zoneing out so i am going to
leave it here.

Wait more dream just came back to me. I was in a store, not
like any I have ever been in before. It was like a grocery
store but it had a lot of action figures. lol
I was suppose to be getting a desert for my mom and I was
looking at these things and trying to find a good one. Then
i went looking at the action figures but did not find
any from the animes that i like, such as Tenchi Muyo and such. well, then i went back the
the other pie like things but they were all messed up like
partially eaten or some thing, but then I started opening
them up and eating and trying them out. Then I was like
there is not going to be any left for me to buy. And that
is all i can remember. See ya

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