Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2002-02-28 17:12:26 (UTC)

Some Updates

Hey, I know it's been a while so I figured I type up this
quick little update to see what is going on.
I'm going to be on a cd! I'm going to be performing some poems
live exclusively for a cd made by a friend of mine. I'm
going to be part of the new footage shown up by my friend.
I haven't decided the poems yet but rest assured after
tonight the poems of choice shall be looked upon.
My new poetry tour should hopefully begin March Break. I'm
going to be doing at least two performances(readings...for
some reason performances sound better). Wish me luck.
Beyond that in other writing news I'm doing issues 101 to
106 on Justice Byrds. Fortunately, it will be the last few
issues of writing on them for a while. Which to me is a
great thing. It will allow me to concentrate on my writing.
Look for "Sch/ism", "Absolutes", "Opening the Doors" and
"Shadows" to make the poetry list. Beyond that, I'm getting
into the artsy/photo aspect of this as my writing ways have
gone down. Soon I'll stop writing poems for this project.
But "I Am" definitely has allowed me to show Variety. I'm
hoping to include a haiku and one or two other surprises
though before this is over.
This site looks a little dusty. I'm hoping to update it
soon. Rest assured you will see more activity on the page.
Finally after the writing of this is complete, I may cut out
some of the poems you see. Not all of them, but maybe a
Well that's it. This is my last entry for the month. Next
month I'll hopefully have more updates.
The Mad Scientist...hahahahahaha