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2002-02-28 16:04:04 (UTC)

I know where I am

I am not like you, I know where I am. I am not from any
famous secondary school. Now, I can study in CUHK, I do
think that I am so lucky to do so.

I know so clearly that my English is not that good. My
pronunication and vocabulary bank is not desirable, I
know. Well, since my academic and family background is not
that good and not even better than those in Sai Kung
school, I do understand my 4B students, somehow.

I am lucky coz in my secondary school, I have ever met some
good teachers who did inspire me and encourage me to learn
and develop myself. Now, I have grown up and I will be an
English teacher, I really hope that I can be the one who
can inspire some kids to learn and grow.

No one wants to be ones on the root level in this society.
They can't choose but are arranged to be born in such kind
of family background... just like what I experienced.

I didn't have high self-esteem, I didn't have enough self-
confidence, coz of my family background, coz of my academic
background. Until now, I really can't accept that my
status is a university student, a GM... I don't know when
I can overcome this barrier.

I know, I am not qualified to teach those band 1 school.
Those bright students don't need me, or even, I will hinder
their learning. But, I am confident to help those band 5
students coz our backgrounds are similar. I will not look
them down just like I hate being looked down by others.

They are human beings, they need to be respected. Me too,
I need to be respected and appreciated. I know, I have my
values and advantages.

Do you understand what I am saying?