Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-02-28 15:43:51 (UTC)

maybe, MAYBE, I am getting it together...

Yesterday, I noted that I was worried about going into
overdraft. I debated between putting every dime I have in
the bank (should say penny, that's what I counted) I have
enough to put in the bank and NOT GO INTO OVERDRAFT!!!

Following that, this diet (I won't explain it, but we call
it the Dustin Diet) seems to be working. I have lost 5 lbs.
My body is in carb withdrawal I know, because I am in a
foul mood, but I think that should even out. And my 5 lbs
is down.... and hytat's all I really care about right now.
Something SOMETHING to show me that its working even a

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