writings on the wall
2002-02-28 14:23:32 (UTC)


I promise myself that if one day, I’ll ever find a
guy I really like, I’ll wait for the right time to have
sex with him. If he’s willing to wait until I am ready,
then he’s the one for me!

I'll always remember what my ex said to me for the
rest of my life. he said that we were moving so fast and
that everything was a blur to him. Every time I hear “Hati
Ini Telah Dilukai” I will think of him.

I just got my new cell phone today which cost me
about $449 & I haven’t even told my mom about it yet. I
really can’t imagine what her reaction will be like. I was
thinking maybe when I get a job, I’ll only tell her about
it. I know that I am not being very honest her but I just
can’t help myself!

The first person I messaged to was him, mainly
because I really don’t know other people’s number by heart
except him. I think I can’t deny the fact that i still
miss him. It’s a good thing now that I am here because
it’s like I don’t think of him that much because I get
caught up with the orientation stuff. I just hope that by
the time classes start, which is next week, I’ll be too
busy to even have any time to think about him.

I know that it’s hard to forget someone & believe
me, I am trying my best but I think it takes time or maybe
another new guy in my life. I really don’t wanna think
about this kinda stuff right now. My studies is the most
important thing at the moment & of course, getting a good
part-time job so that I can buy more clothes.

Talking about clothes, I just went to the city
with Irene & my roomie, I bought a red handbag that cost
me around $25. real cheap! It’s great to know that there
are still stuff out there that is nice but doesn’t cost
you an arm or a leg!