LeaMarie Roquet

Priestess Of Fire
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2002-02-28 13:42:59 (UTC)


There is way to much going on right now. I didn't get
any of my homework done last night. I guess I should be
doing that right now. Oh, well. Screw it. I don't care any
Quick week-in-review: Monday night I went home and did a
ton of homework. Tuesday I went over to Holly Gaimen's
house (Took me an hour to find it) and worked on the big
history thingie. Last night I went over to Tiki's place and
she helped me with my English paper that's due, tomorrow,
then she talked our parents into taking us to the China
Buffet. I got home around 7, did homework, took a shower
and went to bed. I've barely had a moments piece all week!
Tonight I've got dance, and homework. Tomorrow I've got a
field trip and more homework. *sobbs silently into her
hands.* I need a break!!!!! *Feeling slightly stressed out.*
I cannot wait until spring break. For once, it doesn't
sound like a complete waist of time. [I really need to get
a dictionary or something. Oh who cares? It's way to early
in the morning to care about spelling. My typing is also
going out the window. Man this is starting to look like a
really run-on thought isn't it? oh well.]
Oh! We also don't have HELP today. They're having a
assembly to honor the wrestling team. Maybe I can catch
some ZZZ s there. Well I'm going to go now. Talk to you