I Debbie...
2001-05-05 17:42:15 (UTC)

A Break

I am going to Cheri's wedding today. I can't decide if I
should take a camera. I mean there will be a ton of Foley's
people there, but I can't call any of them in my circle of
friends. I mean I am friendly with most of them there,but
not like I would invite them over.
Rich is in town from St. Louis to go storm chasing. He got
here at about 6am and had to wait to get in because of the
gate bieng closed. Silly guy should have waited to arrive
when it was open around 9 or so but he said he wanted to be
ready for anything. As of this current moment he is
sleeping. No wonder,I would be too. I just hope they see
something. Jeff is already out there. I guess there is no
real loyalty within the chasers because you would think they
would all go out together. I suppose it is all about seeing
the Perfect Storm so to speak versus an activity to share.
Anyway I think I will see if my ride home can swing by
Albertson's for dinner and maybe a movie. Or I may get off
to see what Ed is doing tonight.