Oh Captain
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2002-02-28 12:25:11 (UTC)

A word of caution

Yes, just in case there's any lingering doubt, a good
portion of this book was and probably shall continue to
be written in anger. Anger at the state of the world,
anger at our fellow man, anger at ourselves. There's
also some glimmers of hope in there, too; you just have
to know where to look for them. Why am I saying this?
Well, because on one level I just feel like it. And here's

We talk about people we know personally in this book.
How can we do this? Because we change the names
and change certain events just enough to call it fiction.
But if anyone reads it, and they'll know who they are
unless they're complete idiots, they'll know instantly that
they're being written about. Sometimes it's just a joke,
or a little jab, all meant in good fun...but sometimes
we'll just go off on someone, spouting rage at them,
dismembering their right to live and invalidating their
very existence. Sometimes we'll be so cunning as to
write about two or more people within the same person
just by combining traits or making the outline fuzzy
enough, if you catch my drift. The point of all this? I am
Joe's smirking revenge. They can't call this slander or
anything of the sort, but they have to wonder if anyone
else picks up on it. Or if we tell anyone to whom we are
referring. And for them to come forward and say,
"HEY!!! These assholes are writing about me in their
book!" would do them more harm than good, because
they'd have to admit that what we wrote is true. So it's
really in everyone's best interest that all these people
just shut up and let us have our quiet little revenge,
because this is how we deal with the world: by getting
back in ways that can't be retaliated against. Insert
diabolical laugh here.