Meat Loafs
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2002-02-28 08:21:09 (UTC)

3am--The idiot hunched over his keyboard, and began to write...

Once upon a time there was a newlywed couple. They got
hitched in a quick little ceremony and ran off to start
their honeymoon.

They drove to a nearby resort and marched right into the
lobby. The man at the front desk says, "Can I help you?"

"We'd like a suite, please." replies the bride.

The man taps a few keys on his computer and asks, "Would
you like the bridal?"

The groom replies, "No thanks. I'll just hold onto her
ears until I get the hang of it."

What do you call the ghost of a chicken?

--A Poultrygiest.

Why did the blind chicken cross the road?

--What road?

Virgin boy visits the local brothel for the first time.
The madame sets him up with a girl and they go off to the
room. The boy is very nervous, so he shakes, trembles, and
fumbles about, much to the chagrin of the "working girl".
After a few minutes of this, she gets angry and throws him
out. "Go practice on a tree or something, then come back!"
she hollered down the stairs after him.

A few weeks later the boy came back. He confidently
ordered the same girl. He strode to the room with her.
Getting there, he slammed the door behind them, grabbed her
and threw her to the bed in a very manly manner. He bent
her over the edge of the bed and tore her underclothes from
her body. "Mmmm. That's more like it..." she purred. At
that he walks to the corner of the room, picks up the coat
rack and cracks her across the ass as hard as he could.
She started screaming, "What the hell was that for???"

Boy shrugged and replied, "I was checking for bees."

Boy goes up to a grown-up. Boy says, "My dog has no
nose." The man looks down at the boy. "Well then, how
does your dog smell?" The boy smiled and replied, "Awful!"

Really really out.