Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2002-02-28 07:04:14 (UTC)

Hello, Days have passed so..

Days have passed so heres the super quick update,
schools good getting good grades got hella potential friends
people that ask me to come kick it or girlys who with one
phone call would check me out.
bought a fish tank figure thats a pretty square hobby.
actully Im getting into it, Salt water gonna get some sharks
got a few people who know quite a bit about marine tanks so
I probly wont crash it right away. its 125 gallons
six feeyt long its pretty big and if you knew me youd know
that in a month or two ill have so much fish stuff.
Things are cool with the blonde on some one ask the other
day. she so goddamm indifferent to things. Strange like
shes never really asked why I went to prision,or really any
other intriging question. But she is so fucking presiuos
you have know idea!! wish I could really commit to chasing
her. No i could really do that I think. I wish I knew what
she needed thats what it is. what could really make her
smile. Or what could take some of her away from her thats
it thats saying right there.
Shits all good my love got a tatoo of a coy fish on her
face, just to make her a thousand times more attractive to
me. anyways shits good thinking mabe Ill buy a house or
somthing a fixer upper spend my time doing somthing
productive, Mabe put some work in on the stang, love my
truck though so who knows. fuck heela more to sAY BUT GONNA
CUT THIS SHORT CUASE iM AT WORK. have been metting some
attractive people latley not just looking but interesting
fun conversation you know.
With love and respect.
spit fire