Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-02-28 07:03:51 (UTC)

The Oddest Dream I've Ever Had...

OK, a lot has happened between my last entry and this one!
For one, my roommate and I decided that sleep was a
secondary concern to getting our homework finished, and
stayed up until roughly 4 am, taking a break around 2:30 am
to make a Sheetz run. It's weird, on the weekends, Sheetz
is packed no matter WHAT time of day you go in, but 3 am on
a weekday? Baren, not a single person there. We got our
coffee and came back, me to my philosophy notes (our first
exam of the year was today) and my roommate a lab report.
Around 4 am we decided enough was enough and crashed, and
both of us made it to our 9:30 am classes (though I nearly
fell asleep. Professor Prorok decided she was going to
continue her slide show presentation from last class and I
nearly died...). Lunch consisted of two bites of a
hamburger, four or five fries, and four glasses of Pepsi,
so I could stay awake for my philosophy test, which wasn't
as horrible as I thought it would be, but I DOUBT I got
anywhere near an A on. (Cross your fingers and hope for a
low B...)

After surviving the terror that is Comp and Rhetoric
(MUSHROOM FIELDS!), I came back to my room and tried to
sleep, only to be met with numerous obstacles to my
endeavor. One, the room was freezing, even when I put a
sweatshirt on. Two, people kept waking me up, knocking on
the door and looking for Beth. Three, after having so
little lunch, I was hungry. However somehow I drifted off
to sleep and had what could possibly be the ODDEST dream
I've ever had... Damn was it fun.

Allow me to recount.

Nearly ALL of my close friends were in my dream, it was so
much fun! Heather, Jason, Chief, Michelle, Alex, etc, they
were ALL there! And for some reason, they were trying to
train me... Jason and Chief were trying to teach me how to
fight and Michelle and Alex tried to get me to go on a side-
quest involving crossing a dangerous part of Erie to see a
movie... Heather was trying to train me to modify my
appearance, specifically, aging and de-aging. And you'd
think I'd be thrilled as all heck to do all that stuff, but
Dream Me would have nothing to do with any of it! She just
kind of watched and listened and went "ehehehehe. No."

There was only one real area that I remember in my dream,
and it was a bare room with a large banquet table and a TV
the size of my wall. And whenever I finished talking with a
person, I'd end up there and go someplace else. Well, along
the way, I met an old man, with red hair and a white beard
(odd, but so is the rest of the dream, so...). And Dream Me
liked this guy! He was funny and nice, and also being
chased by a group of people. So Dream Me decided to tag
along and run with him. We were running across streams and
hopping fences and everything was fine until he smacked
into something... 'cause then I smacked into something and
blacked out.

I ended up in the banquet room again when I woke up and
Heather was there again this time. And I asked her what
happened to the old man. Heather didn't know, but she said
we could check using the TV. So we went over to the TV and
she typed in somethings and the TV went fuzzy...

And cleared with the image of Eriol from Card Captor Sakura
standing behind a table with two rice bowls on it,
entertaining two girls.

Dream Me was just a little confused...

"That's not the old man!" She complained to Heather, only
to look back at the TV and see Eriol smile (in his ever
so 'innocent' manner), lean down and pull the old man up
from under the table...

Then proceed to pull out a mallet and BEAT HIM UP!

Somewhere between the hammering and the kicking and random
superdeformity that the said beat-down created, Dream Me
realized she was a Dream Me, and merely watched in awe and

When it was over and the TV turned itself off (and a moment
before being woken up by Karen, looking for my roommate),
Dream Me's final words:

"...Oh my god, they're right. I really don't need the

I'll leave you all to ponder this. Maybe the dream will
finish itself when I tuck myself in momentarily! Night!