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2002-02-28 05:43:58 (UTC)

uncertainty seems to be..

uncertainty seems to be peaking.
just not in any point within me.
im really tired.
and i should go to sleep.
but its hard for me to do that recently.
"do you really like that?
this is one of the bands i saw last night.
i didnt ask that.
um. well. yes. yes i do like it.
yeah and a huge fuck you to you too dude.
what happened to the love...
where have my trees and my love gone.
ohhhh who the fuck knows.
because it seems like no one fucking cares
what is the point of me caring anymore.
one sided shit doesnt really accomplish much, eh?

ill just sit here screaming silently within myself for
and see what happens from there.

youre better than that.
youre better.

ohhhh but am i really...?

saw jennifer tonight. shes doing well. happy with her
boyfriend. she has a really good relationship with him. and
that makes me so happy. shes doing really well. its weird
how someone else being upset about something that is
totally unrelated to you in any way can make you feel the
same way too. just because youre that close.

my nipple ring hurts. i should just take it out...i keep
telling myself that i didnt go through all of that pain for
nothing. but...the reoccuring pain is pain all the same.
so...hm. something to think about.

i love emily a whole lot. 7 months today. loads of love for
that girl...