a little piece of me
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2002-02-28 05:37:44 (UTC)

my day

well, i guess today wasn't such a bad day. just a very
hectic one. got up way too early again (yes, 7 is
early!). watched a movie in orn, so we got out early.
that's always nice. came home, put my sketchbook for
metals together, and worked on a few of my designs.
nothing good, but i have about a week to come up with
something i like. got a few ideas, just all undeveloped.

came home, worked some more. my computer is completely
screwed up, so i don't know how often i'll be back on to
write. i don't know what happened to it. it really
sucks. also, came out of my class today, and there was a
huge crack in my windshield. i think it was because of the
weather. oh well. won't be getting that fixed for
awhile. i'm totally broke.

fell asleep today. for a bit too long. i think it was
the increase in meds. went from 20mg to 40mg. i'm pretty
tired now, actually. just got back from the design
studio. worked on my boot for three hours. slow going,
but it's turning out pretty nicely. a cute little asian
lady told me the clay one looked better than the real one
lol. i wouldn't go that far. that reminds me. i think
asian women are the most beautiful women around. not that
i'm gay or anything. i don't know. they're always so sweet
and polite. and dainty lol.

ok, well, i'm wiped out, so i guess i'm gonna go to bed.
heather, i will try to call, but no guarantees. i'm really
behind. lester, sorry about not keeping in contact too
well today. my computer won't let me do hardly anything
:( i was wondering, do you sell any of your work? if so,
i'd be interested...just let me know.

alright, beautiful moon out tonight. if you haven't see
it, i suggest to everyone that they do so. good night.