Nick's Journal
2002-02-28 05:23:26 (UTC)

Write, Right, Ryte, Right, Rite

Yeah, so there are so many ways to express one thing or
maybe even two. What if i'm writing a journal entry but
instead i'm righting it? Is that fucked up? I'm sure
you'd be magnanimous enough to look past my misspelling
and see what i mean. shit it's a proven fact that a
newspaper can purposely misspell words adn you'll read
them as they're intended. Is it because you're lazy?
possibly. is it because you don't care? yeah. so now here
we have write, right, ryte, right, rite. Write and Right
are two different words but they're but they sound alike.
Right? Ryte and Rite can be substituted for either since
they don't mean anything and in fact Rite has been used
and i'm sure it won't be long until Ryte is used (just
looke at Bite turned into Byte to create a new meaning).
So basically it's all about the spelling. we look at
spellling and we derive meaning from it.
English teachers shit two bricks and a stone if you fuck
up sun and son, because they have two different meanings.
But they sound a lot. And if i were to say "my son is
dumb-shit college drop-out" you wouldn't know if i were
talking about my offspring or the blazing yellow thing in
the sky. seeeeee, i'm always right. that's why i write.
so here we are. we're willing to overlook little mishaps
such as fucking up right with write, and substituting rite
and ryte. shit Rite-Aid already has. But we're not
willing to look past how a person looks.
Now don't get me wrong. I love making fun of people.
Hell being judgemental is my goal in life. If i'm not
judging at least three people the second i'm in a room
people ask me if feeling sick.. why do i do it? becasuse
it's fun. say i have low self-esteem, self confidence,
blah, blah, blah. well i worked through many long years
of karate for my black belt and apparently self esteem and
self confidence are included in the package so go fuck ya
self. so i do it because it's fun. and because i get the
people around me to laugh. sure it's about other people.
but what do they care? don't care so much what other
people say about you! instead, look at them, and look
through who they are. just like you'd look through those
black words printed on the white paper. see their
outsides but realize their insides.
if we did that when it counted, then i'd be the only guy
making fun of others. then i coudl go into my own stand-
up routine.
oh and i want a hedgehog. i really want a hedgehog. i
figured i'll find a hedgehog, give it some alcohol, get it
knocked up (by another hedgehog) and have baby hedgehogs.
that woudl be awesome, then they could roll around like
sonic. or be cute and shit. i could walk it around on a
leash and go to the career fair. they have to let a guy
with a hedgehog work for them. i mean i'm looking right
through it's prickles at it's cute little heart.