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2002-02-28 01:54:38 (UTC)

Mel and me invisble - need to change the way

Wednesday night of February 2002. I noticed that I am kind
invisible to most people. Whatever I am there or not people
act without change anything. So may I do things only if I
wanted it will change things.
I was always waiting Mel notice wrong path she was. It is
time to change it. And go to fight for her happiness. She
fought for mine last year. Without wanted anything back or
just waiting for something. She never asked me. Just hoped
last months of that year. I will make different and fight
for her be free and start to walk in her path of light.
She deservs it.
Friend Carol I walked with her again. I made some homework
for her. A translation of texts in international language
to national language. We walked more later because I did not
match the right part of lesson was for translation. I did
all those texts.
I will ask for Mel a hug to show her I care about her than
the lies enemies told her.
Walking with Carol is good but it is not taking Mel back
to her friend. She watches her childhood friend living
may do she wants to live again. But she needs other signs
than to see friends are happy. She needs to see friends
want her. Truly friends not that all false friends.
Tomorrow other day near from a castle.