One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
2001-05-05 15:02:12 (UTC)

This gang is going down

Yeah, well I talked to chris yesterday after i found out
that he'd fucked around with this nasty ass hoe
kristen ...he told me i was a piece of shit and he was with
this girl Leanne when i was tlaking to him...what an
ASSHOLE!!!!!!! So i made a few phone calls and basically
the "5Nations" are gonna get there asses friend
Bobby...he's thug...he knows EVERYONE and there mother..and
they are all gonna beat them down....they deserve it!!!!
they think they are a real gang..yeah right!!!!! Bobby
will show them a real gang....Chris made out with that
nasty hoe Kristin....this girl fucks everyone...shes i hope he's satisfied...cuz hes gonna get a
beat down very soon.....Last night after i had talked to
chris i was depressed so i had my friend Jeff get me some
alcohol...I got was fun...nothing really
happened..i just acted goofy....Oh well....i came home and
my eyes were bloodshot from all the drugs and
alcohol....but momma dukes didnt even
know.....NICE....well, i'll write more later..Send
feedback...i'll include you in my next entry...
Hate always,