Thoughts to Share
2002-02-28 04:42:48 (UTC)

I have conquered the alarm clock! YESSSSS!!!!

This morning I refused to lay down for a few minutes after
the alarm went off...had to resist the temptation. I would
get up on time. Off to brkfst I was after some startling
news from Blake. I feel for him...I really do. That's
just wrong.
Bright spot of the day: No spanish on Friday. Score!
Then there was lunch in which I found way too much
information about things that I never knew happened or that
I needed to know were going on. We had a sighting of
chemistry boy #2. Then I was lucky that I had chosen to go
to the bathroom before I went to class b/c....when I
returned Communist Campbell had struck again. That's
right...yesterday when we had no internet all day I put up
an away message that jokingly said I had to take a shower
before they took away our water. Well, when I got back
from class our suitemate discovered that the toilets
wouldn't flush. All I really wanted to do was take a nap,
but Heather came to share the disturbing news with us. She
goes to turn on the faucet...all that comes out is air, and
no flushing at all. How could I sleep at a time like
this? Our ever-so-talented workers here at CU cut a water
line. Things only got better when Heather tried to see if
the water was back on. The toilet flushed, so...my
roommate told her to flush it again! Well...um...let's
just say she got her wish. For about an hour our toilet
flushed continuously. :-p Lovely murky, icky water.
Eventually it was fixed.
Felt better after talking to my brother a little bit
today. He's tying his knots and hanging on, so I'm proud
of him. He's gonna get through whatever it is.
Attempted to study some tonight. Didn't get too much done,
but a little. Cold today, very very cold, and windy.
Funny thoughts from today:
*"Vioxx....yes, that's for inspiration. I
mean...inflammation." ~Me, trying to get it together
during microeconomics.
*Meredith: "Zero? Is that a new movie?"
Kathryn: "It's O."
Meredith: "O. Ohhhhhh."
*Me: "I have a cup of water that I use to water my
pants....I mean...plants."
*About Campbell's water situation....my away message:
Campbell's new philosphy:
"Do we serve water in this place?!"
"Heck no H2O!"
All changes are due to Campbell's lack of offensive

That's right folks. No internet yesterday. Today....our
water supply is cut off. Please stay tuned for the next
part in the series of "Wiggins' List" :o
*What I'm going to say imitating 1 of Meredith's coaches at
tomorrow's game:
Coach Peterson will give the signs, and then I'll stand up
in the bleachers and be like. "Meredith...what the hell
does that mean?" HA!
Tomorrow I only have 1 class...a lab. Aren't open dates in
CEP excellent? Of course it's at 8 AM. Grr.... I also
have to study for an econ quiz and for an organic chemistry
test on Friday. Also gonna pop in at Meredith's softball
game for a few innings. AND...A NEW SURVIVOR SEASON COMES
ON TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! I'm a bit excited. ;-)
Goodnight. :-)

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