Queen Bee

2002-02-28 04:29:23 (UTC)


Okay...I am getting really sick and tired of this shit,
now i love seth and all but it feels like everytime i talk
to him or something im taking up his time, and it makes me
mad. because i hear from jesse that he loves me and were
definatley getting back 2gether and then he acts like im
taking up his time i might just be me, but i dunno. then
people always say "oh hes not worth it" "just let it go"
but it really isnt that easy, because i care about him a
lot, and he is a sweetheart, people always say that but
when it comes to them, its not easy. And then, oh heaven
forbid i have a bad day or be mad, cuz then im being a
bitch but when other people have bad day, and i say
something its the worst thing ever, dumb fuckin broads. I
swear to god from now on im gonna sit ina corner and not
move or say anything cuz when i do. Its like i can be me,
but only if they like it or i can be me, but how they want
me to be me. I hate people.

:::Is crying and looks up at the people and flips em all

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