bay turtle

This is Reality?
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2001-05-05 14:54:15 (UTC)

Lazy Saturday morning

I didn't get up early today, and I didn't run. I haven't
gone to the library, and the possible two who might have
will have to figure it out.

I am so incredibly tired. I think I'll take a nap later.

I need to put in a window screen and do some history
homework, but a nap would definetely be in order. There was
something I was going to look up, but now of course, I
can't remember what it was. Oops.

It's about a million and a half degrees outside....

I need to start some laundry.

Does every teenager do thigns like this on Saturdays?

I ought to read Lord of the Files (English class) while I
have the chance. I'm certainly not going to have the
opportunity next week with the AP exam coming up! I need to
sleep while I have the chance.

I want to take a nap.. I'm almost to the point wher i can't
keep my eyes open!