Mikey's Journal
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2002-02-28 04:05:54 (UTC)

a great way to end a day

Whew! Today was the best day of my life!! (So far at
least.) Ben asked me out and I said yes. Then he asked me
to the prom and I said yes. And after my dad left for work,
he came over for a little while. He said that he stopped at
Rite-Aide and looked at little bears. Then he stopped at
Wal-mart and bought a little rabbit for Easter. He gave me
his class ring to wear. And then he's gonna wait 90 days (3
months) to let me wear his letter man jacket. Which is
cool. He let Tammy (his exgirlfriend) wear it right away
and she would just stuff it in her locker and leave it
there. He knows I'm not like that, but he doesn't want to
take the chance. Before he left, he said that he might see
me tomorrow night. But he doesn't want to be there when I
break up with Frankie. Plus he has to give Tammy all he
stuff back that he has. I hope I remember to give Frankie
his ring back. It was just a little friendship ring. Well I
have got to get my homework done.