The Basement
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2002-02-28 04:02:15 (UTC)

Wats up? Wats down? Whats....huh??

cant go lonely...
I miss J. Yea yea u myte think its weird but i cant explain
it. I miss J ALOT. alot mo den i did befo. I guess i still
havent really accepted letting go of my light. I'm
stumbling around in da dark ryte now...I think i ran into
something... got a detention fo fytin. Dis gurl was tryin
ta kiss mah other friend so i told dat gurl ta leave mah
friend alone. Dat bitch barbie gurl shoved me so i got mad
and slammed her into da lockers den threw a garbage can
across da hall. I got rid of mah stress atleast...heh heh
and da other gurl looked like she was gonna piss her pants.
It was all worth it yo. I did some coke today. Just wanted
to try it and see if i'll get rid of mah pain. So tired of
everything. Mah mom ish giving me hell about mah clothes.
She keeps on bitchin about dem and sayin why dun i just get
a sex change to be a guy. I mean wtf?!? i wear pants and a
t-shirt. Wats wrng wit dat? Wats up wit ppl lately?! Wat
did i do? ::sigh:: i wanna just die. Leave all dis shit
behind. Haha maybe i'll recreate 9-11 cept dis tyme i'll
hijack a bus and crash it into our freaken house. Run over
mah neighbors den pile it high wit nuclear bombs and crash
it into our skoo. I'm NOT goin to head to hell knowin all
does sonavabitches r still alive. I just want it all to
end... i wanna leave.Walk away and never look back. I swear
imma leave dis shithole as soon as i can. Imma go and get
high or drunk either one works as long as i pass out or
overdose. peace~!

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