why me....
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2001-05-05 14:33:35 (UTC)

it's been a week....

it's been a week since the prom and everything has gone
wrong.. sorry I tried to write last week but I didn't have
any time where I was alone my sister kept coming down!!
anyways last weekend I had like the best weekend of my
life! nothing could have made it better!! everything was
perfect and then my monday was going pretty good too until
I got home and that started off my horrible week! my kitty
died!! he was MY kitty ohh I miss him sooo much!! I love
him he was my babies anyways... well that happened and I'm
soooo stupid cuz I did something really really stupid and
now people are all mad at me.. ughhh why can't I ever in my
life JUST ONCE do something right! why do I always screw
things up??? ughh I'm sooo stupid but I must say a few good
things about this week are that this girl Jesscia that I
met omg she's totally cute! she has to be the sweetest
thing I've ever met... omg she's totally adorable! he he
and she actually wants me to meet carson everyone else is
just like ohh that's nice... well noteveryone but... and
the other good thing is Leah just told me that she got the
BSB tixx.... WE ARE GOING!! YAY!!!!! on july 5th I'll be at
BSB!!! I'm sooo excited 16th row!!!! ahhhhh my brian!!!! he
he well I gots to bounce peace!!