Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2002-02-28 03:10:27 (UTC)

Today, today

Today, today, burgle-bop be-pop. I assumed my workout, but
didn't stay for lunch, for none was given, but instead took
up a generous offer and ate a baconed cheeseburger with
onions, lettuce, tomato--yum! Wash it down with a cool
refreshing drink and it was off to work I went again and
again. The aim of my gun and the aim of my fingers
coincided economically and efficiently to where not a split
second was wasted. My eyes grouped them together and a
number persuaded my brain that my fingers obeyed and back
to my eyes they did not distrust. 1630 became the hour at
hand, and I missed the renumbered exit and wasted 30 miles
and 24 minutes to get back on track and arrive safely at

Tomorrow, tomorrow, we hope, we hope, that food will be
offered, and thus our hour at hand would fall shorter.