once again
2002-02-28 02:47:27 (UTC)

stupid shit

Johnny wrote us and he got fired from Cody's along with Pam
and Mindy. I never met Mindy but I guess she was with Q
and then they broke up and she's with Johnny. STupid
bullshit and now Johnny and Q will fight over who know
what. But it's stupid shit...over nothing and one minute
everyone loves Q and the next they don't and it all started
with me. But I won't stp being frineds with him even if it
causes fights. The big move is with plans now. I still
have to tell my sister and family but we're starting the
planning. I just hope this works this time and no more
drama starts. I think in a year or so if everything is
good still with Shawn and I we'll move to Texas and live
with Mazzola and Tara. She needs me... The fighting here
has gotten crazy with my sister and Mike AGAIN. I don't
understand why things can'tbe okay all the time. Just once
in a while. Ohwell I guess...I'm trying to work my ass fo
at work so I dont' get into trouble anymore for talking to
Shawn we he comes in. Kissing ass I gues you could say.
I'm ready to's so cold here. The kids will be heart
broken...I feel so shitty for it. I love them.