Need I Say More?
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2002-02-28 02:33:47 (UTC)

I'm a virgin

So ok. I'm not a virgin, but this is my first entry to a
new diary. I'm a former opendiary user, or should i say
FREEopendiary. psh! What a load of crap! I'll prolly
keep both of them going for a while just to see which one I
like better. Oh well.

So I go back to Kansas for a visit in like 15 days. I
can't wait, cause I get to see my baby. I love him so
much. I can't wait till we get married. It's going to be
a long time till then, but he's worth the wait.

I'm kinda worried about things with my friends when I go
home to visit though...Like if I've changed...I hope the
like the new me....or are they going to be mad cause i'm
going to spend most of time with brinton?...hmm...I don't
know. I guess I wont know how things are going to go till
I'm down there.

Well, I'm going to go explore this site a lil bit more.

Later all.