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2002-02-28 02:28:18 (UTC)

The Button

There it stands. Bright, Red Shiny. No known purpose. No
disclaimer, no text to stand by it. No warning about it.
Just a button. A cable running to the ceiling. Though it is
right next to the boiler room, so one could assume that it
has something to do with that. But after pushing it nothing
happened. I waited, no alarms, no cops, no security, no
rabid animals. Its not like its a small button. Its big,
hard to avoid if you go by it. I'm wondering if no one has
pressed it aside from me and this other person I know.
Maybe humans have a button pressing complex. Maybe it is
the "discipline" that is inserted into our minds from an
early age. Or maybe too many people pushed it so they
disabled it. Maybe its a way for the government to track
the curiousity of kids so they know how much creativity
they need to strangle, and how many more limitations they
need to place on us.
This leads me to two more thoughts. How can the
government call driving a privilage, and how can the
government not let people drink until passed the age of 21.
Driving. Driving is not a privilage, and who is the
government to hand out privilages anyway? The government
has become a body foriegn from the people, at least in this
country, the US. The government is nothing more than an
organization BY the people FOR the people. Not a thing that
was created by the people in the past and has developed
into a machine that rules us. But why would driving be a
privilage? Is walking a privilage? Is carrying a gun a
privilage? A gun is a slight bit more dangerous... But we
do have to defend ourselves from those
immigrants/British/Afghans. Blech
Now to the drinking thing. I dont understand why
drinking for the purpose is getting drunk is enjoyable. I
think its an idiotic thing that is just forced upon us by
our socity. Like how lemon air fresheners smell good?
*Pssst THEY DONT* Alright, now I'm out of whining about the
government being an alien body. If they declare people to
be adults at the age of 18 then why can they limit us to
drink until the age of 21? I think someone should make a
supreme court case out of this. Sure it impairs brain
development but so many other things that they allow do
this also. Bah I'm getting too worked up I don't even want
to pursue it anymore.