2002-02-28 01:17:46 (UTC)


Yep, yep....I'll be the big 18!!!!! All smiles here! Well,
I don't have anything special planned. Before, I wanted to
go to the "A". Then, last week that changed to wanting to
go to Columbus and stay the nite there. I just wanted to
check Daryl out. In a matter of minutes, it then changed to
wanting to go up to Clemson for the weekend. I
have "family" that goes there, so at the time I thought
that would be cool. Okay, two days ago it changed to Daryl
and Kevin(the boy Dee is talking to) coming down here. And
today.....I'm outta breath.....it is now me, Dee, and Danni
going down to Valdosta to the girls game and meeting Daryl
down there. I'm not too definite on it, but I would like to
spend my premire weekend of being 18 trying to figure out
someone. Yep, I've been talking to Daryl quite a bit now.
Despite the long distance, it's going okay. I'm not really
sure how it feels to "have" someone, but I feel like I've
got him! It doesn't freak me out the least bit either. I
know that if it's not what I want, then I can say so. I'm
not going to think too far ahead into the future though. I
know how I set myself up with that. But anyway, I talked to
Kellen yesterday. I honestly don't know what he wants from
me. What does he want me to say to him? What can I say to
him considering he has a girlfriend? I know I'm being
complicated because I can tell he's getting fustrated w/
me, but I don't know! I emailed him a little something
yesterday. It was one of those "here's a piece of my mind"
kind of things. Heck, I'm getting fed up with him! I make
it obvious......he should stop playing stupid! Anyway, the
whole job thing is kinda hard. But I'm leaving it in the
LORD's hands. I wanted things to go differently when I
turned in my applications, but I know that if it is meant
to be.....it will happen. Well, I gotta tend to some
things, so I'll leave it at this.....VENNI VETTI VECCI!

MS GROWN, Jocelyn