2002-02-28 01:09:52 (UTC)

Compulsive Masturbator?

Ya. I do that a lot. And ya, I know it's gross for girls to
do. Um, what century are we in? Screw that. As a girl I'll do what I
damn well want. Who cares if it's morbidly taboo? ( did I spell
morbidly right?) Moving on.

Dimi bitched that he was gonna pickalize our cat's testicles:

"Listen you!! I'll frickin pickalize your testes!"
he's only 5...where does he get this stuff? he's going to
hell...I can feel it.

I laughed a lot today... I think at me.
Moving on...grammy nite. Oh dear, let India win;
"Umm...I'd like to thank my agent and my mom, and God...and-"
She's so beautiful inside it hurts. Goddammit...I did
it again..I did it again, sweet Jesus..I wrote another pile
of pointless shit.