Mikey's Journal
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2002-02-28 00:33:22 (UTC)

love triangle 2/26/02

Wow! What a day! I guess I'll just go through everything
that happened today. Ok, I woke up late today so I got to
school late. Uusually Ben, Tammy, (2 friends of mine), and
Frankie (my as-of-now boyfriend) meet me in front of my
first period class. But sence I got to school late I passed
all three of them in the hall as they were going to their
classes. I waved to Ben (cause we really like each other
and we are now going out), but I didn't wave to Frankie. So
he got mad at me. He didn't smile at me or anything like he
usually does after first period when we pass each other in
the hall. I figured he was mad at me. So at lunch he acted
like he was mad and when me and Tammy sat down at the same
table as him, he asked me if I was mad at him and I said
no, I was just in a rush so I waved at the first person I
saw. And the first person I saw happened to be Ben. So
everything was fine between us. Then this afternoon I was
talking to Ben and one of my friends in Tennessee. (we just
recently moved from tennessee to north carolina.) She told
me that her and her exboyfriend that she really likes are
getting back together. And while I was talking to Ben, he
asked me to be his girlfriend. I was like "yes." We've been
talking all afternoon and evening. He asked me to the prom,
too. I almost feel like I love him, but I'm not gonna rush
into things with him. That's what I did with Frankie and
now I can barley stand to talk to him. Anyway, after my dad
goes to work tonight, Ben is coming over so we can talk.
He's coming over again on Friday and then he's taking me
out to eat and then to the movies on Saturday evening.
Well, I'm gonna get off cause I got some homework to do.
Write to ya later.


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