crazy amy
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2002-02-27 23:30:33 (UTC)

february 27th 2oo1...my best friends

hey. im so bored, again. this time i decided to talk about
SOME of my best friends. ok now when i say some i mean like
5 because i cant fit that many on this page. so the next
entry im going to put everyone else i didnt put in this
one, in that one. :) this time i know im going to get
emails like "i cant believe you said that!" and "omg that
person is sooo not cool" ugh, just get over it and dont
send me these hate mails that i get all the time saying you
dont like something i say. well anyway. here we go. oh and
im not using last names because of some legal issue, if you

melissa m- ok this girl is so awesome, and i have to say
that cause shes my best friend :) we've got into fights but
she is still so cool. she knows im jealous because she has
a boyfriend and i have...no one, but still, she's one of
the coolest people you'll ever meet. and the good thing is,
she makes really good sandwiches :) she's usually never mad
at me but when she is i do NOT want to be around her. lol.
she's mad chill, awesome, and can relate to me in
everything. and a definate plus is that she's never late
when i pick her up in the morning. something i have never
been good at doing, being on time. and she sticks up for
all her friends. you'll never meet anyone like melissa and
she can make anyone smile. :) bff

deena- hahaha. i do not even know how to describe dee. she
is so hilarious. not as funny as me, but pretty fucking
funny. her faces crack me up and she knows it and even
though she can get mad at me sometimes (and i know when)
she always finds a way to make someone happy, especially
me. this girl is crazzzy and thats why i am like empty for
words about what deena is becuase you just CANT describe
her. she's hott as shit ;) and knows it. and she has some
weird habits in the gym locker room..right lisa? but still,
she's one of the coolest people i've met. and she was new
last year, like me. deena can make anyone laugh with her
stupid faces until they're stomach hurts. :) bff

krista- hmm. where should i start? i swear when i met this
girl i thought she was a tough "guy" hahah. just kidding.
but now that i hang out with her i know that she cant be
any more awesome then she is. she is the sweetest person i
know and is always nice to everyone. sometimes it gets to
the point where she is too nice. krista's a hopeless
romantic and that's what i love about her. you also cannot
get anything past her. whatever you do, she will find it
out. sometimes i think she's in some mafia that she can
know anyone and get anything out of someone. i just think
she can be very intimidatng :) and i dont know what i would
do without this girl. bff

natalie- i swear this girl hated me last year. ok deny it
all you want, but i know she did. and she probably still
does. lol jk. she is ultra ultra sweet and how can you not
love a girl who says otay and nowow. aww. she's nice to
everyone, except for ms. abramson and she cracks people up
even when it's not supposed to be a joke. "christine shut
up" haha. she makes me laugh all the time. and i am so
afraid of her when i get into fights i want to like, hide.
she is going to beat me up one of these days, and probably
already has. but she is so awesome. im so glad im friends
with natalie because she is one of the coolest people on
this list. :) best friends

jenna- jenna, jenna, jenna. what can i say? even throughout
our huge fight i still have to love her. throughout our
sleepover and everything she always knew when to get me in
a good mood, and out of one. just kidding. but your such a
great friend and are always in love. :) some day shes going
to find the right guy even though she likes the bad boys
and i like the abercrombie surfer preps, haha. it's still
all good. jenna is awesome, she's nice to everyone. but if
she doesnt like someone, she's going to blow up :) and
thats what i love about her. i do not want to be near her
in a bad mood. this girl is so awesome. and she's
definately totally awesome :) bff

like i said, if your not on it now you will be on it in the
next couple entries. ok? im sorry but i could only fit so
many people. the rest of you know who you are and i love
you 2 :) im going to go call melissa, because shes going to
get pissed off. ill talk to you later :) byee