Real Life
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2002-02-27 23:11:00 (UTC)

"Feeling Sorrow " Feb 27, 2002

Today was a good day at school it went pretty slow and
all! I have been thinking alot lately and I don't know
where to start. First of all Chris doesn't have the same
feelings as me but he values our friendship. And second of
all everyone is pressuring him to as he feels about me.
Which I told no one to bother him about it and it's pissing
me off. Oh well I don't feel like bothering with him or
talking to him. Id rather forget he exsisted right now. I
actually poured my intermost deepest feelings to him and it
turns out it wasn't the thing I should have done! I should
have left him alone and not bothered to talk to him. Cousin
Dylan and alot of other people told me how Chris can't take
crap like that and he's an asshole but no I didn't listen I
never listen to anyone but do what I wanna do. And for now
on I will listen to others opinions about stuff before I
really make a decision. I think I totally give up on boy's
I know this is all stupid but I really do. They are good at
telling me they like me and how much they value me and than
I like them back and it never turns out to be the result
that everyone dreams of. Oh well at least I got it done
with so now I can forget about him and move on. Doesn't
look like i'll be writting about him eh? Thank god for
that! Right? Hmm... well today I leave this at that because
I really don't feel anything but pain and sorrow from this
and I don't feel like complaining and feeling sorry for my
sorry ass anymore. Peace Out/Manda

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