crazy amy
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2002-02-27 23:09:21 (UTC)

february 27th 2oo1

hey. whats up? i decided to start this diary thing online
because i was just really bored. but now i guess im going
to have to write in it every day telling you about my
boring life. most people reading this probably already know
about my life so i dont have to give me life story. but
haha too bad. ok im 13 from new york. my bday is december
4th. i have two sister 17, and 10. my best friends are
melissa, deena, krista, michelle, natalie, jenna, nicole,
amanda, etc. i like school but i hate tests. i love sports
but i hate gym. hmm...i hate my spanish teacher but love my
social studies teacher. ohh, and everyone knows im totally
annoying and crazy :) but except for that, that's all you
need to know. ok so get ready here's my first entry. you
know when you do something and later on you totally regret
what you did? well i did something like that today. ugh i
feel really bad for doing it but i think it's the right
thing to do. i have to stop listening to what other people
say is right and just do whatever i think is right. i care
too much about what other people think. ughh. i hung out
after school with melissa, had food, took baby tylenol :) 6
of them, and am probably really drugged up now. just
kidding. im supposed to actually call my friends now but i
decided that im too tired. wow im pretty nice. i dont know
if im going to school tomorrow. maybe, maybe not. i get soo
pissed when people tell me to put my hair down. seriously,
thats the probably only thing that annoys me more then "do
you still like...". they say "put your hair down" because
my hair is ALWAYS up. i just cant put it down. its not
because i dont want to because i could its just that my
hair is layered and it pisses me off. ok remind me, (wait,
who am i talking to?) lol whatever, i have to get a
haircut. im waiting for the shortest layer to grow long
enough until i can cut it. until then, sorry to say it
everyone that cares, but my hair is going to be up :) lol.
im so tired. im probably going to school tomorrow but if i
do dont count on me going on friday, thats not going to
happen. and im going to miss my social studies test, ugh.
whatever. :) well im going now. ill write something in
later. or tomorrow, or whenever. oh, and if for some reason
i bash you on this thing (which probably wont happen) you
have all the right in the world to email me and tell me the
reasons why you "hope i should die", ok? :) talk to you
love, amy

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