My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-02-27 22:49:55 (UTC)

Easter Seals UCP!

This Wednesday the Cheerleading Squad participated in the
Easter Seals UCP tele-thon kick-off at the Paradice Hotel
(it was in the ballroom).

They showed a video of backstage clips from last years'
tele-thon that raised over $1,300,000 for children with
disabilities. We cheered for the speakers and donators and
benefactors of Easter Seals and did some stunts. And we
danced to some music (this deal was really nice because it
got our name out there). And... we got free food... major
!! lol.

Afterward, when the freshies were still waiting for their
rides to come Mrs. Uftring said that we had gotten A LOT
of compliments on our cheering, and we had gotten invited
to cheer at a Peoria Pirates football game in either April
or May!! that was cool.

Later Days,

Kara Jo =)