Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
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2002-02-27 22:46:50 (UTC)

Drinking is fun, i enjoy it....immensly

Blue Maui, Goldschlaggers, Hot Damn, Aftershock, the list
goes on, sittin here with Josh, my beau, and Chris,
j/chillin like usual, Jennie's gettin me all excited about
VFW on the 22nd, i gotta go, my bands, dude, moshing fo
real, gotta go, im gettin antsy, my bday's coming up, gonna
be sooo much fun, woah.I WILL DO THAT SHIT.
anyways, for once im not writing all sad, im sure at this
point my writing is not any good, not interesting TOO DAMN
BAD....he he he...talking to my peeps, having josh harrass
my back, smoking a cigarette, love nicotine helps my
ADHD...well gotta go, masturbate, i mean uhh....


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