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2002-02-27 21:36:24 (UTC)

Back in to action...

so kiddies, I'm back from NACA....And I have to say, it was
AMAZING!!! I didnt think it was going to be like it was,
and thats a good thing!!! I had a blast! Sitting around
listenng to amazing speakers, really good bands(some not so
good), some pretty funny people...and meeting some great
people, for 5 was great!!!! It has to be one of
the coolest things I have done in college yet...:) So
anyways, I'm back at school...till friday...then I'll be
off to california for a week!!! Yippeee...
Doesnt it suck when you get all excited to talk to someone,
and when you finally do get to talk to them...they dont
even seem to care that its been 5 days since you've
talked...I try soo hard, and when you just dont feel like
you're getting out as much as you put sucks!!
Anyways...I have a lot of work to do so I'm out!!! Love ya!

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