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2002-02-27 21:30:36 (UTC)


Yeah they're back:) My disney music was getting a little
old and I didn't get to watch Boston Public with them, that
will be 2 weeks in a row! Hehehe, so I've been super busy
like Cinderella. Now I have a little time before dinner so
I am tieing off some loose ends before I start the big pile
of chemistry after dinner:) I think I will go to the SAC
tomorrow morning, I feel so crappy I haven't gone all week,
that's how little time I had. So I really haven't done
anythign interesting in the past few days...Hmmm I'm sure I
can think of something. OH I played Jurassic park last
night, no not the video game but REAL LIVE! Yeah we hunted
the dinosaurs in the bedrooms and bathrooms, they were
quite scary! So yeah that was fun:)

CRAZY: SO my crazy little nutrition teacher comes in to
class on Tuesday and canels class and the quiz on Thursday
and then tells us we can leave so I had that class for like
10 minutes this week. That was pretty fun!