Excess Mental Energy
2002-02-27 21:09:00 (UTC)

snow... snow... snow...

It's friggin cold.

So, this morning I left as usual 9-ish, and it was nice
and bright and sunny and whatnot - maybe a bit breezy,
vestiges of snowflakes beginning to fall, but nothing
intimidating. I get on the 90 and drive, as is routine.
Well, by the time I hit the 290 it's snowing like hell -
and as soon as I get into the right lane, it evolves into
a complete fucking white-out. I'm talking opaque...
couldn't read exit signs... no visible road markings...
aka HELL. I owe whoever was driving the black Volkswagen
big-time because without him, I'd definitely have missed
the exit, since he was all i could see. So anyway, after
following the Passat off the highway, I lose him in a
cloud of snow... make it through a traffic light by pure
luck... and end up sideways in a snowdrift trying to take
the Flint Entrance ramp onto campus. Luckily, no major
damage (that I've found yet) was sustained to the
sasswagon, and I just backed up and pulled onto the road -
but it was scary as all hell. I think I learned more about
winter driving in that fifteen minutes from the Sheridan
exit to UB than I had in the past three months.

That's why I'm home - it cleared up by the time i got out
of bio lab, and instead of staying straight through to
practice tonight I elected to run home so if it blizzards
again, I won't be stuck on campus without such essentials
as my leopard pillow and a toothbrush. I might put them in
my trunk if I go tonight. :)

Arctically yours,