Autumn Always
2002-02-27 20:50:22 (UTC)

Still sick

Arg. I'm tired of being sick. Enough already. I woke up this
morning and my throat is swollen even more then it was
yesterday, fun. I tried calling Patrick but he's not home.
Fortunatly Nathan is online and that always helps. I found
this great forum discussion on paxil last night among other
things, depression anxiety panic. I'm thrilled. It feels
really good to read about other people who are going through
this too. Makes for less lonliness. I'm hopefull. Carrie is
coming home on the 8th for spring break. I can't wait!!!
Hopefully the side effects and my flu will be down by then.
And tomorrow I have my interview with the animal hospital. I
really hope I get it. I'm not up to much today. I'll
probably paint my nails and make tea and croshay because I
feel like shit. And I should go downstairs now and take
something out for dinner. I took a nice hot shower but I
still feel a bit stressed. I just want everything to work
out. We'll see....

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