a rop through my mind....
2002-02-27 19:23:52 (UTC)


ok, i don't belive in horoscopes anymore, mine today said
it's a good time to make decisions cuz your mind is
paticularly focused, but my mind today is anything but's here, there everywhere......make it stop!!!

i feel yucky, was up till 3am writhing an english paper on
gabe's comp cuz mine isnt' working (dead fan, remember?),
left my disk there, go to go to english class today and
find out that it's fuckin canceled!!!!!!! i guess it just
gives me time to make the paper better.....or something...

i'm in a wierd mood today, not happy at all, more sad, but
i dont' know why, i have no reason to be, oh, and i'm
compleatly unmotivated, gah!

yeah, i think that's all for now, fuckin frustrated with
the world, want to crawl into cave and hide!!!! want to be
anywhere but here (here being sage).......gah!!