2002-02-27 19:10:42 (UTC)


Sorry, I should hace written you on Sunday, but I had a lot
to do. Saturday....all my friends and myself went to Nick
Valen's house for a sleepover, her parents were out of
town. Everyone was there, except Don; he was probably out
with Jan. I know there's somthing between them....I just
don't want to try to figure it out. Anyways,people there
were Amelia, Wallace, Lexy, Kyler, Nick, Lynn, Bore and
Thomas( they were there for a while), Shane, Demal, Jamie,
Tom, Katheryn and me. We just pretty much hung out, watched movies on
a black and white screen, and totally tortured each other. Wallace
was hitting on me the whole night then when there was only Lynn,
Amelia, Nick, Jamie, Tom, Lexy, Kyler, Wallace, and me, we played
spin the bottle. It was fun, until I had to kiss Wallace, all us
girls after were talking about it, his kisses were all slobbery. No
offence, but not my ideal, at all. SO then we just went to sleep.
And I was supposed to bring my friends to church the following
morning, it's a Saturday sleepover rule, but they all bailed out on
me, so my mom was a little mad. But no grounding, not from that
anyways. But I did get grounded for my report card. Two C's my mom
and I don't really approve of them. But I just can't use my car for
the semester, hey it's better than being grounded form everything for
a whole semester. Well got to go through the rest of school today.
Write you tonight, or tomorrow.xoxoxoxo
Love Always,